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Every Sales Page Needs Words To Entice The Reader Into Discovering The Benefits Of Your Product...

"Do You Want Killer Copy That Hypnotises Your Prospect And Subliminally Forces Them To Tear Open Their Wallets And Rip Out Their Credit Cards?"

"Of Course Not - that All Sounds Dangerous! - You Just Want More Sales And Profits Don't You?"

From: Randy Smith

Randy Smith - copywriter

Dear Entreprenuer,

If you have any sort of a website - then you are 'Selling' and The Words on Your site are Your Salesman!

I have 2 questions for you,

1, Are you selling enough?
2, Is it as easy as you thought it would be?

Like most people I started marketing online because all I had read convinced me it was a simple and easy way to make extra money, Did you do the same?

What I found (eventually) was that it's all very similar to the offline world.....

Firstly - There is no money for doing nothing!
And Secondly - It's not about who works the hardest either!

Like anything in life, it's all made easier when you have the right advice....
Advice from people who have been there before and achieved what you are looking to achieve.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I've noticed is this - If you can - 'Outsource'!

Why struggle with elements that may take you months to figure out, when you could be earning during that time?

Well if you want to outsource your Salespage and Email Copy,
 I may be able to help you.

I had planned to write some thought arousing copy here.
I was going to discuss the difference a few percent extra sales per hundred visitors can make to your bottom line.

You would be reading examples of how a 3 or 4% increase in conversions could put $X,000's per year in your bank account!
By the time I finished you'd be imagining even higher figures on your sites than you've ever experienced.

be counting the cash, realising that investing in your sales and email copy was one of the best decisions you've made for your business growth.

With emotional, attention grabbing, thought provoking words. Painting pictures of your future success in your imagination.... can you see it now?, if you close your eyes and think about what you truly desire, your dreams and ambitions......... ?

But frankly - I don't know how good your product is, whether you have a large or small mailing list, who your customers are, or even how you're targeting them and getting traffic to your site!

So I changed my mind and started over!

If you're interested as to why I'll tell you.

It's because someone referred you here,
I already know you have a desire to convert more visitors to buyers.

You've obviously given some consideration to your need to maximise the potential of your product.
Heck - you've probably put in a lot of time, frustration and immense effort getting to the stage you're at.

So rather than risk wasting everything you've invested so far - you've taken someones advice and decided to get a copywriter with experience to write the words that will pull in your visitors, lead them though all the reasons why they not only need your product, but want it now and feel compelled to buy it today!

Whether that be for your salespage or you promo emails!

It could be that you have come because you tried writing your own copy,
And like many others, even though you have developed a great product, that really does deserve to succeed massively.

You just don't feel you have the time it takes to research all the possible power words best used to describe your baby.
Maybe you're too close, you know your project inside out.... and because of that you find it hard to explain to a customer why they should buy - you just know they should.

For whatever reason, you've found yourself here because someone lead you here,  for the benefit of your bottom line!

I don't advertise this site myself, other than in my signature links, as I can only taken on so many clients for my copywriting services.
So I leave it to people who are thrilled with what I've done for them, to give me a mention from time to time, and I'm grateful that they do.

You see I'm just like you.

I have sites and products that I'm working on, and I too want to increase my income and opportunity via the net.

My problem is I'm not at all techy... so everything takes me an age....
I've been online for nearly 7 years now, and for the last couple it's been great and getting better all the time.
But those first five years seemed to cost me more than I made at the time....

I had a challenge. I have spent 22 years in direct sales and marketing, walking the streets, knocking doors and talking to people.

I worked my way up to a management position with all the perks of a major company, I had a team of 10 sales people to train, as well as setting up telesales operations and sorting marketing campaigns etc.

The reason I mention this is because I expected to get away from all that on the internet!
I didn't think I'd need to be a salesman anymore.... I figured I'd just offer some bargains and people would
naturally want

I tried writing from the heart with no thought to all the sales and marketing tactics, the psychology of selling.
I ignored all the training I'd had from years of experience face to face and attending some very expensive courses and seminars!

And do you know what I learnt the hard way?

People are just the same and behave exactly the same online or off!

I don't know why I thought it would be any different?, maybe I fell for too much of the hype myself (shame on me I should have known better!)
The end result was that I discovered that all those skills I'd left behind from my corporate life and my years sitting in peoples front rooms pitching my products, Were the same skills I now needed to sell on the net!

Back to my challenge - not being techy I needed to fund my education and outsourcing for all those technical jobs that need doing to make a website operational.

The Only Skill I Have to Raise the Funds?

"I Know Words, I Know People 

& I Know Selling!"

That's all I know - So I ended up adapting everything I'd discovered about human nature and the motivation that causes people to make decisions to buy, and I started writing some email copy for people I'd become friends with in forums.

Then I would rewrite a salepage or two, and before I knew it I was creating salespages and email

campaigns that produced results!

My new 'clients' kept telling me they loved my 'Way with Words' and kept coming back offering me an injection of cash if I would consider doing more work for them!

I used the money I made to pay for the things I couldn't fathom, and slowly built up some lists and sites.

I started to pay more attention to other copywriters and was amazed at how many were just like me, semi- retired sales people adapting their skills!

Where's this all going?
Well basically I just wanted you to know where I was coming from, and why I'm qualified to write for you.

I can show your product in it's best light by using the words that will help people to know they want to buy your product, they need to, and they want it Now!

Your emails will make people want to click, to go further, and see what you're trying to show them!

When I take on a copywriting job I put on my salesmans head, and I write with all the passion I ever had for getting the sale, I can't help myself, it's in my nature.

What this means for you is this:

    You'll get all my 22 years of sales ability wrapped up in the words that will increase your click thru's and sales!
    You'll increase the numbers and percentage of sales, making your sites more profitable!
    Your customer will be drawn into your emails and salespages without realising the time passing by as they contemplate using your product with nothing but positive outcomes!
    In a nutshell - You'll make more money, and have more free time to make choices as to what you do with it!
    I'm not promising the 317% increases, other might.... how would they know til they've seen your stats? - But You Will see an increase in clicks and sales, you'll benefit from a better conversion on the traffic you get!
    I will let you read what others have said about my services, so that you have an idea from actual customers, what I've acheived for them.
    And I will show you examples of my words in action.

What you need to do is decide if you can afford not to invest in me.

There are so many good copywriters available if you search for them, but prices can vary tremendously!

I've seen people work for a few hundred dollars right through to those who charge $25,000 for a single page!!
All of them can justify their fees by the increase in volumes of business they generate for their clients.

Here's an idea of some tasks I'll consider:

    A Salespage Re-Write, where I use your content and tweak the whole page into an order pulling auto pilot.
    A New Salespage, Starting from scratch with just your product and what your thoughts may be in terms of benefits you offer, reasons to buy etc.
    A Salespage Critique, with advice and suggestions for you to improve your copy, not quite a re-write but it would really help you get a feel for where you should be heading to convert more visitors into buyers.
    Affiliate Emails, for your affiliate area, a number of emails that encourage the reader to click through to your site, with these loaded into your affiliate area, you'll encourage more affiliates to promote your products.
    Email Series, for your own autoresponder, which could either be for an optin form, with valuable content that leads your prospect back to your product as an obvious next step in each email.
    Reviews/Blog posts, for you or your affiliates to post on blogs and sites like squidoo, again leading the reader back to your site and product.
    If you have something else in mind, do feel free to get in touch.

Oh and of course you'll want an idea of prices ;)

Well I will tell you now that I wont be the cheapest price you'll find, But I'm nowhere near the top end of the scale either.
I just want to take on enough clients to fund my technical challenges... so I'm chosey - but not ridiculous (in my opinion)
After all - I'd rather have sites that will bring in money for years like you want, than just write a piece and be paid once!
So this only becomes my main focus when I have a clients deadline to hit.

If you want any copy - I'll be putting a lot of thought into every word of it, and so it can take me a good deal of time away from my ventures....

And to be frank again, If I don't think I can write what you need, I'll tell you straight!
I'd rather stick to what I know I can do, and there really are plenty of really great guys and gals out there who could do what you need done!

So to give you some ideas of pricing, I'd typically (but not guaranteed) be charging:

$75 to $150 per email/article
$200 to $350 for a Critique with suggestions
$400 to $800 for Partial Re-Writes to limited sections
$750 to $1500 for a Salespage Re-Write
$1500 to $2997 for a New Salespage from scratch

Yes package deals are negotiable, and no I'm not committing to these figure til I know what you need.

I'll need some info from you as to what you want, and for what type of product.
What you're hoping to achieve, Who you're wanting to target, and anything else you can tell me.

I will guarantee If I take you on as a client, that deadlines will be met. And you'll be happy with your copy.
I will also make any small changes you ask for withing 30 days of completing the task.

I expect 50% of my agreed fee upfront and the balance when you approve the copy (which I expect done within 7 days of hand over) after which I will tweak for 30 days as mentioned.

I will also ask if I may use your copy in my examples page, and if you would get back to me with an idea
of how it's working for you .... These are not compulsory, but I would appreciate it.

Now the ball is in your court!

Do you walk away? - Your choice.
I'm not desperate to do your copy, and as I've said - there are plenty of people out there at every budget level who may consider writing what you need. (You will find my pricing well below 'Average' though!)

Just in case - here's something you should never do on a salespage ;)
A link to take you off site - so anyone who may be struggling with paying out any fees can check out my ebook SalesLetterABC and learn the basics themselves from my 10 Step Template Solution to writing Cash Pulling Copy.

If you've looked at my work and read through my clients comments, and if you feel that you would like me to put all my effort into your salespages or emails, Then you'll need to get in touch.

Start thinking seriously about the questions I've asked on this page, and lets talk.

You can contact me - well you know where, go back to who referred you to me and you'll probably find me around.

There'll be some links here soon to work I've done, and some testimonials from people I've done the work for. (Testimonials & Examples now added - more to come - everything is ongoing Give me a click to see the first ones!


You may also want to know some of the questions I'll need you to answer in order for me to write copy that does what you require of it, - so here is a pdf with some of the info I'll want to know.
It also contains my contact details (as does the support link in the footer).

In the mean time, I wish you well and look forward to building a relationship with you too.

Warm Regards


P.S. Why does there always have to be a P.S. ? Because you read it - that's why!

P.P.S. No the page isn't finished yet, yes there's a lot of tweaking to do, no I don't know when it will be!

My priorities are with my clients and my other activities.... As I've said, I don't want too much copy work - I want to enjoy it, not get stressed ;)

P.P.P.S. Last one ... I promise.  -- I just wanted to remind you of something important... 
Life is about Passion, Live it, Love it, & Pass it on!

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